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Students and other end-users don't have the necessary permissions to download / install the Respondus Lockdown Browser onto the loaner devices that the TCC Libraries have to lend out, but there are other ways you can access the program.  The best / most reliable way is to run it through the VDI  (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) in the TCC Cloud.

To start, make certain that you're using the Google Chrome browser on your device.  If you don't have Chrome installed on the device you borrowed, then it can be installed as follows:

  • Open the Microsoft Edge Browser
  • Type "Google Chrome" into the search bar
  • Click on the link and then click on "Download Chrome"
  • When trying to install Chrome onto your device, a pop-up box will appear on the screen, telling you that you need Administrator privileges to proceed with the download. Click "No," and the pop-up box will go away.
  • Hidden behind the previous pop-up will be a smaller box from Google, which says that you can still download Chrome anyway. Click on "Yes."
  • Chrome will then start to install, and should only take 1-2 minutes to complete.


Once you are running on the Chrome browser, navigate to the "TCC Cloud" virtual desktop infrastructure.  This is a web-based student workspace.

As a student at TCC, you will be able to access the VDI through your loaner device, or any other device that allows you internet access.

  • Visit in your Chrome browser
  • Log in using your student email and password credentials
  • Make sure you are under the "Apps" tab, as it appears at the top of the page
  • Choose Student Workspace and then select the Browser button that comes up.
  • A rocket ship should appear briefly, as the VDI launches. You may be prompted to log in again, using the same password as before.
  • A different Windows computer desktop screen should now appear  --  basic blue desktop background, with a recycle bin, etc. If you are using a Windows device, you should notice that there are now TWO start menu / taskbars at the bottom of your device screen.   

The lower taskbar is the one for the actual device that you're working on.  The upper taskbar is the one for this "Virtual Desktop" that has been launched within the cloud. (It will be the only taskbar if you are using an iPad, Chromebook, or other non-Windows device).

  • Click on the Windows / Start menu button from the "Virtual Desktop" (the upper or only taskbar) to check the list of programs that are installed. You should find a folder for the Respondus Lockdown Browser. 
  • Open the Respondus Lockdown Browser folder. The only item inside is a link to launch the Lockdown Browser program  (with a golden padlock symbol for the icon).   
  • Click on the link to launch the Lockdown Browser and, since you're already signed in with your credentials, it should take you directly to your Canvas page.  From the Canvas page, you can access any tests or quiz assignments that you need to take.

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